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Data center UPS power protection & backup solutions short & longer backup times
1kva 2kva 3kva 4kva 5kva 6kva 10kva 15kva 20kva 30kva 100kva 200kva 300kva 600kva to 3.4mva

1- UPS Short – Longer Backup time (650VA-8000VA)

2- Servo – Relay Stabilizer Single – Three phase (10KVA-800KVA)

3- Online Single Three Phase UPS (1KVA-800KVA) HF / LF

4- Line Interactive Pure Sine Wave UPS Inverter (500VA-8KVA)

5- Isolation Transformer with Multiple Tapping Line
Conditioner Single Phase and Three Phase Dry Battery

6- Solar Energy Solution with MPPT on grid off grid hybrid solar
system 1KW to 2MW

7- Home Inverter with charger Hybird Solar Inverter Variable Trnaformer
Single phase & Three phase

8- Industrial Stabilizer and UPS

9- Batteries VRLA SLA GEL AGM 7AH to 1200AH Wet & Dry Models Available!

10-Isolation Transformer Single / Three Phase 2KVA – 300KVA

11-Power Line Conditioners Single / Three Phase 2KVA – 300KVA

12- lithium battery (lifepo4)

Ideal for Ups Bypass Supply. ATM Machine. IT Equipments Data Center & Call Center. CNC Machine. Plastic Molding Machine.
Spark Erosion and Wire-Cut Machine. For BTS | RBS Mobile Tower. Communication Equipment Like Radio & TV Transmitters,.
Operation Theater, Large X-Ray Machine, Printing Embroidery Machine, Cathy Labs, CT scanner Ultrasound Machine & Other
Medical Equipments. Air-Condition Plants, Patrol Pumps, CNG Station Dispensers, computer servers etc.

Online Low Frequency UPS (With transformer): External Battery
Online High Frequency UPS (Without transformer): built-in or external battery available

Single Phase: 1kva, 2kva, 3kva,6kva,10kva,15kva,20kva,30kva
3/1 Phase: 10kva,15kva,30kva,30kva,40kva
3/3 Phase: 10kva, 15kva, 20kva, 30kva, 40kva, 60kva, 80kva, 100kva,
120kva, 150kva, 160kva, 200kva, 250kva, 300kva, 350kva, 400kva, 1000kva

Parallel Redundant UPS Systems
N+X Parallel Redundant Online UPS (6kVA-900kVA)

Stabilizer Three Phase 30KVA 40KVA 60KVA 100kva 200kva 300kva 600kva 800kva 6.4MVA
Automatic voltage regulation for protection against brownouts and overvoltages.
Voltage Regulators
Safe and stable power for electronic equipment

Online ups| Stabilizer | Isolation Transformer | Line Conditioner | ATM UPS pure sine wave | HOME UPS |
Solar Hybrid pure sine wave inverter | MPPT Charger | Telecom AVR | Telecom Charger | Industrial UPS – Stabilizer

Sheikh | South | Truepower Co., | Block 6 P.E.C.H.S,
WatsApp +92 306 6668737 | [email protected]
Pakistan | Karachi | Lahore | Islamabad | Faisalabad | Peshawar | Quetta

https://www.truepowersolution.com/ | https://www.riello-ups.com/

Q Line Conditioner | Stabilizer | Isolation Transformer | UPS Battery | ONLINE UPS 1-2500KVA

Pure Sine wave UPS 8KVA 6KVA 5KVA 4KVA 3KVA 2KVA 1KVA Short / Longer Backup Times with SNMP

Line Conditioner | Stabilizer | Isolation Transformer | UPS Battery | ONLINE UPS 1-2500KVA

WatsApp +92 306 6668737 | [email protected]

Karachi | Lahore | Islamabad | Faisalabad | Peshawar | Quetta

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Note: Data fetched from Google is temporarily stored and can change on latest API request every month. Online UPS 1kva 2kva 3kva 4kva 5kva 6kva 8kva 10kva – 900kva short / longer backup time
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