Total located at N5, Khandarwala, Multan, Punjab, Multan, Pakistan

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Tariq Mehmood

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Saudi restraint and the French oil company toilets signed a deal with hundreds of petrol stations in

3/ 5

Saudi restraint and the French oil company toilets signed a deal with hundreds of petrol stations in Saudi Arabia. Both companies will work closely in the marketing and services sector. Both companies will be part of 50, 50 percent. Both companies will save petrol stations across the country from 3.75 billion dollars in the next 6 years. Saudi and foreign customers will provide facilities. France's company has a great experience in this regard. This will create jobs in the state. The Elsethalat Marketing Company and Rasul Transport Company will be co-chair of Sumo and Bhatal. At present, he has 270 petrol stations in the state. By 2021, the cool and relaxed will set up hundreds of petrol stations.

Imran Joiya

4 Google Rating

4/ 5

Muhammad Khalid Griwal

5 Google Rating

5/ 5

Khuram Shahzad

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4 Google Rating

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